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We are so excited to meet all of the outstanding women that will be participating in the recruitment process. We hope that the time you spend with us throughout recruitment week gives you a glimpse of what the sisters of Alpha Phi have to offer and what a life changing opportunity it is to become a part of a sisterhood. We hope that each and every one of you enjoys the whole recruitment experience as much as we do. Our chapter looks forward to what this year has in store.


Hi everyone! My name is Liza Sturgis and I am the Vice President of Membership Recruitment here at UMaine Alpha Phi!

When I came to college three years ago, I had no idea what sororities were really about and had little interest in going through recruitment. That was until fall of 2021 when I had the opportunity to join this amazing group of women. My life truly changed after joining Alpha Phi. I've met my life long friends, my home away from home, and my support system. On top of that, Alpha Phi has led me to so many new and exciting opportunities! I am not sure where I would be if I didn't go through the process. 

Being a part of Alpha Phi has taught me how to be a stronger and more confident woman. I am constantly surrounded by women who lift me up and encourage me to be the best version of myself! Alpha Phi has also helped me academically by giving me resources through our chapter, and with the support from my sisters. 

The recruitment process can definitely be strange at first, but it is truly a fun and exciting process that I hope everyone will experience! I am so happy I went through recruitment and gained the most amazing people as well as opportunities in my life. I promise it is so worth it, trust the process!

Liza Sturgis 

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